After falling 10 feet into an ice-covered pool, a defenseless dog required patience, bribery, laughter, and a big bicep.

On March 7, Pound Buddies in Michigan received multiple “frantic” calls regarding a dog trapped in the old water filtering pond.

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Video grab of firefighters in Michigan heroically rescue a helpless dog trapped in an iced-over pond nclosed in concrete. Michigan-based animal shelter Pound Buddies received several ‘frantic’ calls last week (7/03) about a dog trapped in an ‘old filtration pond’. See SWNS story SWFSrescue. The animal was discovered balancing on a thin layer of ice floating on top of the 8-12ft deep pond. Pound Buddies called in the Muskegon Heights Fire Department – who arrived ‘within minutes’ – to rescue the pup.

The pond was frozen, but water was visibly sloshing over it. How long until the 60-pound husky fell through was unknown.

Muskegon Heights Fire Department rescued the dog “within minutes” after Pound Buddies called them. Lieutenant John Kriger climbs the wall and treats the dog on video.

Kriger called the dog by name for 3 minutes while his teammates jeered about “no unexpected actions.”
The hesitant dog allowed Lieutenant Kriger to grasp its collar after additional scratches. He gently climbed the ladder and over the wall with the uncooperative dog under his right arm.
After a 10-foot fall into the pond, the pup was found unhurt.

Pound Buddies posted videos on Facebook explaining why they summoned “the big dogs” and how the animal was saved.
Then the BIG DOG was summoned in, they wrote. Again, words cannot describe our thanks for these great guys and the Muskegon Heights Fire Department! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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