The famous rapper Snoop Dogg has a daughter named Cori Broadus. She grew up right in front of us, and now she’s an adult woman getting ready to start her life with the man of her dreams. Fans have been mean to Broadus over the years, but she doesn’t care. When her long-time boyfriend asked her to marry him over the holidays, she said yes. Let’s look at how they’ve been together in the past and what this means for Broadus after years of public fights.


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It can be hard for anyone to be born to a hip-hop artist, but it can be especially hard for a young woman who does not physically fit the “mold” that hip-hop has set for a woman. Cori Broadus is a beautiful young woman, but because she has darker skin and a bigger body, online trolls have been mean to her over the years. Even so, Cori is determined to follow in her father’s path and puts out music under the name Choc. She also has more than 500,000 people who follow her on social media.

Cori has also been dealing with lupus for a long time, which, combined with her life in the press, has made things a little tough for her. She has said that she was unhappy, sad, and even thought about killing herself when she was only 13. But Cori got some hope when her boyfriend, creative director Wayne Duece, came along. They have been together for a few years and look like the perfect couple. Even so, some people think that Wayne is using Cori for her money because she looks better than he does.


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Wayne doesn’t care about the hate and is ready to take things with Cori to the next level. She wrote “She’s a Fiance!” and a picture of her happy and showing off her ring on her Instagram account today. Her proud father shared the picture with the words, “Congratulations, Princess Broadus!” Baby girl, you’ve been blessed. @wayneduece, I love you, my son-in-law. God is good. ” Fans jumped in the comments to show their love, too, saying, “Awwwwwww congrats. Sooooo beautiful.”

The couple who just got engaged haven’t set a date for their wedding yet.

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