A Compassionate Lady Gives a Homeless Guy a Farm Work.
She had no idea her encounter with an Ontario homeless guy would change his life.

Danielle MacDuff offered Brian Bannister a job on her farm after seeing that he was kind but had fallen on hard times.

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After surviving childhood trauma, addiction, and the deaths of his first and second wives, Bannister lived in a shed.

MacDuff’s offer revived the man, who worked hard and was kind to MacDuff’s children and animals.
It stunned me. “It simply came from the heart with her and [I’ve] got to thank her every day,” Bannister told CTV News Toronto with tears in his eyes, adding that he used to farm 40 years ago.

becoming friends, MacDuff started a GoFundMe to assist Brian get back on his feet, raising nearly CAD$10,000 to get him a haircut, shave, and phone.

MacDuff remarked, “He has no idea what this has done for me. “I wish we could get everyone off the street, but it takes a lot of people to join together and that is what has occurred for Brian. That’s why we’ve progressed so quickly.”

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