After Mom Was Told He Would Die, 1lb-11oz Micro-Preemie Is Thriving: Defying the Odds

After arriving three months early, a mother thinks her 1-pound-11-ounce baby “would not survive” is now thriving. Saniah Poindexter found her pregnancy at 19.

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Saniah had a typical pregnancy until 26 weeks, when she returned from college with a stomachache and a high fever. Saniah went into childbirth 14 weeks early. I did my best to be healthy during my pregnancy.

Being told he “would not survive,” I sobbed a lot. They said I’d be lucky if he returned.”

Kayden, a 1lb 11oz micro-preemie, spent 65 days in the NICU.

His mom says he’s “thriving” at home after being discharged from a Michigan hospital at 4-lbs 8-oz.
“He defied odds. “Despite what we were taught, he’s doing pretty well,” said Grand Rapids Community College business management student Saniah.

“Bringing him home was my happiest day.”
Four-month-old Kayden is “quite feisty.”

He rolls over and makes noises at one month old.

“He is always seeking for me, which shows he is a pretty advanced baby,” Saniah told SWNS.

I recognized his uniqueness.

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