Alan Jackson Celebrates 43 Years with Wife: He ‘Can’t Go to Bed’ without Her & They Drink Morning Coffee
Traditional pop country music singer Alan Jackson’s infidelity led to the marriage they “both always desired,” but it was a journey.

Eugene Jackson, a country music legend who blends traditional and country-pop sounds, is loved worldwide. Christmas and gospel hits have also charmed fans. The country singer’s marriage and career are blessings. But, certain tough patches almost wrecked their perfect marriage. Alan married his lifelong friend Denise Jackson. Despite Alan’s near-dissolution of their marriage, this pair has remained married for decades.

Alan, now 63, and Denise began dating in high school when she was 16 and he was 18. They’re from Newnan, Georgia. Denise was famous in high school for being a cheerleader and tennis player. She married Alan just after graduation. Alan married 19-year-old Denise in 1979. Early marriage didn’t affect her schooling. She studied while teaching and flying. They moved to Nashville in 1985, where Alan worked two jobs. Alan worked as a mailroom worker and performed at nightclubs. The country music legend’s routine continued until he met Glen Campbell, who helped him record his first album, “Here in the Real World.” After this, he became one of the world’s best-selling performers. When Alan’s music career flourished, he and his young bride wanted to start a family. Mattie was Denise’s firstborn in 1990. 1997 brought Alexandra and Dani. Although Alan and Denise had been together forever, it took a risky move to catch her attention. Alan’s strategy to get the girl of his dreams worked in the 1970s, but in the 21st century, it could get one pepper-sprayed or arrested for stalking. In an interview, Denise revealed that the country music superstar tried a risky way to attract her. Denise says Alan asked to get a cent from her shirt the first time they met. As if that wasn’t daring enough, the music icon crouched behind Denise’s car’s backseat at Dairy Queen and jumped out, scaring her. Yet the country star’s move was different. Alan received all he wanted, but after a few years of marriage, he almost threw it all away.

AND INFIDELITY – The couple’s marriage wasn’t always great, despite appearances. After Alan’s infidelity and months of separation, their long-term marriage was fragile. Luckily, they fixed their marital troubles and resumed the fairy tale. Denise wrote about her marriage years after they reunited. In 2007, she wrote “It’s All About Him” about Alan’s infidelity and its effects on her life and marriage. Denise claimed the “breaking” time in their marriage led to her greatest blessing. “His betrayal and our separation led to this new, passionate love relationship with God,” she said in September. It also gave us the marriage we always desired but didn’t know how to have.”
HOW DENISE FORGAVE ALAN — Forgiving is hard, but Alan’s decade-long bride was able to forgive and continue her dream marriage. Denise gave many interviews once her book came out. Many wanted to know Denise’s book goals and her husband’s opinion. In an interview, she claimed Alan wasn’t happy about his faults being in a book, but he realized that the information was needed for her work. “It’s All About Him” shows how Denise forgave her husband, how she healed, and how the couple handled different challenges. Denise stated she wanted her marriage back and that was enough to forgive her husband.
INCURABLE DIAGNOSIS – Years after Alan’s infidelity was addressed, his wife has shown that her forgiveness was genuine, and their marriage has become stronger. Alan also said his wife has supported him through his illness. The country singer told Jenna Bush Hager that Charcot-Marie-Tooth illness has prevented him from working for nearly a decade. Alan has kept the music industry going despite personal and health concerns that have sidelined other idols. Randy Travis, Reba McEntire, and Josh Turner are also surviving personal challenges.

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