Frankie Lons, who was the real mother of R&B star Keyshia Cole, has died. We are telling people about this. We’re doing this with a lot of sadness. Frankie couldn’t keep fighting her addiction after she relapsed while celebrating her 61st birthday at home in Oakland, California. She eventually gave up and died from it.

Sources say that Frankie had been working hard to get sober and had hit the important milestone of being sober for sixty days in March 2020. This was a big step forward. On the other hand, beating addiction is hard and never-ending work, and Frankie was unable to do it despite his best efforts.
Keyshia hasn’t said anything to the public about the death of her mother yet. Because of this, we ask that you give her space during this hard time.

Keyshia hasn’t been shy about talking about how her mother Frankie used drugs in the past. Instead, she has shown how sad and hurt she is every time Frankie has returned. It’s never easy to watch a loved one fight with addiction, and we hope that those of you who may be going through something similar can find the strength to deal with what you’re going through.

Frankie appeared in the miniseries “Keyshia Cole: My New Life,” which was hosted by Keyshia. The two of them had a lot of deep talks, including one about death.

Frankie will always be very important to Keyshia, even though she was given to Leon and Yvonne Cole when she was only two years old. Keyshia and her family are in our prayers and thoughts during this hard time. Please accept our regrets.

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