Nick Cannon, who is 41 years old, said on his Nick Cannon Show at noon on June 23 that his baby son Zen Scott Cannon had died. Zen is the seventh child of actress and model Alyssa Scott and actor Zen Cannon.

“Because my son Zen died, I felt like I had to explain to everyone how hard it is to lose a newborn baby who is so full of love. On the Friday before the weekend, my baby son died from a disease called hydrocephalus.

This is a cancerous brain tumor, which is also called brain cancer. Then I called my friend who is a therapist to talk about love and loss,” Cannon said. Then, Dr. Laura Berman, who had also lost her 16-year-old son, was told and thanked for being a link between his pain and hers.

I could always tell that he hardly coughed, so I wanted to keep an eye on things. He breathed in a fascinating way, and by the time he was 2 months old, I could see that his head was huge, like a gun. We didn’t know anything about it.

Still, I plan to take him to a doctor for his cinus and breathing problems. We don’t know if it would be helpful at the time, but Cannon said, “Zen will have a brain operation to drain the fluid that has built up, but he will still look sad during the holiday.”

I tried to make Zen’s time with me the best it could be. Before I had to go back to New York for an event, we would wake up on Sundays and go to the beach with him and Alyssa.

He was in his car when he got a surprise phone call telling him to meet Zen at the airport. “You can’t feel that grief because you’ve never felt that pain,” Cannon told the public when he canceled Zen’s “joy of life” show.

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