They are famous!

Both Patti and Brandy are famous. That is, the hit Fox show Star by Lee Daniels. They just agreed to join the group, along with “Queen Latifah, P. Diddy’s son (and Al B. Sure’s son), Quincy Brown, and many others:

Via Deadline: Patti LaBelle and Brandy Norwood are the latest” big names in music to get recurring roles on Fox’s hit music show Star. Christine, “Carlotta Brown’s (Queen Latifah) tough but loving mother, will” be played by LaBelle. Carlotta Brown’s younger sister, Cassie, will be played by Norwood. This spring, we’ll meet both of them for the first time.

“There have also been many other famous people on the show, like Tyrese, Kelly Price, Gladys Knight, and the list goes on. So it will be cool to see” what parts Patti and Brandy will play over and over again. “If any of our fellow old kids haven’t seen Star”, it’s about three singers who are having trouble in their lives, and it talks about some serious things.

Patti hasn’t said anything “about joining the group, but Brandy couldn’t wait to” post “a video message on Instagram to let her fans know. She’s very excited”, and it’s easy to see why:

What are Patti and Brandy doing now besides this?

Patti and Brandy are making more than just Star in the kitchen. Even though she is 73, Patti is still killing it on stage. She also has a Christmas record coming out on November 24 called Home for the Holidays:

And Patti’s pies and cakes are STILL popping!’ “Whoopi Goldberg and her co-hosts on The View had a bunch of Patti’s desserts on the” show recently to celebrate “Whoopi’s 62nd birthday. Happy b-day Whoopi”:

Overall, it’s great to see that after 57 years in the music business, “Patti LaBelle is still able to do what she loves”. “It’s also great that Brandy, who we’ve seen grow up from a kid to a woman, is still performing on stages and on TV”. Everyone knows that “the ex-child star curse” “is real, but Brandy has kept her mind and hasn’t given in to it”.

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