Keke Palmer of “No Answer” made a joke that Halley Berry looks better than the “Catwoman” star. She is a great actor, but Keke Palmer can also make people laugh with her self-aware humor and crazy online diagrams. So making a comment without thinking isn’t

out of Palmer’s comfort zone as a performer. This time, her kind of spirit gave the internet another funny moment when she said she looked like Halle Berry. The star of “Nope” had a small shady moment when he joked, “She looks nice,” which made the star of “Catwoman” respond.

Knowing that the internet is always comparing her to other actors, the star of Nope agreed to go in a different direction when she joked that the Oscar winner looked like her hero. It looked like Berry heard about the clip, so she went to her Twitter account and said something crazy of her own.

The Catwoman actress quickly switched to mom mode and used Palmer’s official first name to make a funny comment about the viral Wired clip: Berry knew Palmer’s comment was a joke, so she quickly responded to her tweet by saying how much she liked the 28-year-old actor.

Check out her nice words about the Nope star and the movie that did well at the box office below. You can see that the two women don’t have very different looks. Berry didn’t want the internet to change what she said and start a fight between her and Palmer that wasn’t necessary. However, the Moonfall

The actress liked giving Palmer the same kind of fun energy that the clip had. We hope that this will lead to the two stars working together on a movie one day. The Oscar winner’s reaction is nothing new, since she often goes crazy when she sees popular videos or gets questions from fans.

Berry is also known for being very supportive of other Black actors, especially younger ones like Zendaya. She has even made a big prediction about Zendaya’s future. So, her behavior was right on brand, though she isn’t afraid to clap at random people or the press every now and then.

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