These photos are stunning. Because it captures and preserves our births, graduations, weddings, and anniversaries, the camera will be remembered forever.

Take Belfast’s Northern Irish father. Ciarán Shannon, Niamh’s father, always wanted to brag about her. He tweeted three photos of his gorgeous daughter at different academic stages.
In all three images, Ciarán and Niamh hold hands in front of their home. In September 1999, Niamh started St. Therese of Lisieux Primary School. The second photo was taken on her last day of high school in May 2013, and the third was taken at her 2018 university graduation. He was introduced to the popular movement “How it Started.” ”

followed surprised him. He never anticipated the social media post to go viral. He just watched the numbers rise. His photos were well-received. Many people throughout the world are viewing these priceless photos online. Ciarán loves that Niamh became a science and math teacher like him. His images with his daughter were liked and retweeted over 949,000 times!

Ciarán received popular praise on Twitter. The “How It Began, How It’s Going” trend is here to stay as people, especially families, get more inventive in reliving important occasions.

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