Tyga just got some new tattoos on his stomach and back, which were done while he was put to sleep.

Tyga gets tattoos on his stomach and back while he is asleep.

On July 14, famous tattoo artist Ganga, who runs the company No Pain by Ganga and is based in Los Angeles, posted a video of a tattoo session with Tyga to his social media pages. In the video, the “Taste” rapper was put under anesthesia so that Ganga could touch up big tattoos on his front and back. In the video below, the California rapper is in what looks like a hospital room getting ready to go under. A few seconds later, four tattoo artists start working on the unaware rhymer at the same time.

“Full project cover up full back and front touch up, in just 8 hours, soon I will upload the result,” says the comment for the video.

Ganga has also tattooed a lot of other rappers. Ganga is well-known in the famous world as a tattoo artist who people go to. Post Malone, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Durk, Offset, Moneybagg Yo, and other hip-hop stars have hired him. His company, No Pain by Ganga, says that they can do painless tattoos in just one day. In a traditional tattoo shop, many big tattoos need to be done over several sessions.

See a film of Tyga getting tattoos on his stomach and back while he was put to sleep below.

Watch Tyga get tattoos on his stomach and back while he is put to sleep below.

@ganga Project sleeping fot TYGA soon the final video #art #tattoo #tattoos #tyga #luxury #ink #anestesia #losangeles #nopain ♬ sonido original – Joaquin Ganga

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