A photograph depicts a young man assisting an elderly blind woman to cross the street; he should be honoured for his selfless act, in my opinion (VIDEO)

seeing an elderly woman in need and volunteering their assistance, this young kid, who is 15, and his younger sister deserve all of the accolades that they can get.
While Dontarius Caldwell and his younger sister Diamond were waiting for the school bus, Dontarius was playing games on his phone with Diamond. During that time, Diamond saw a woman who was having difficulty pressing the button at a crosswalk.

His older sister reported to her younger brother that she believed the woman to be blind and that her older brother should go assist her. He was unaware that his acts would be captured on camera and distributed widely across the country.

Diamond explained, “I told Dontarius that I think she blind, and you should get up and go help her. He got up and went to go help her cross the street two times while I waited for the bus to come.” “I told Dontarius that I think she blind, and you should get up and go help her.”
News on WLWT and YouTube
The first-year student from Cincinnati, Ohio, went up to the lady and asked her if she required assistance, to which she responded “yes” and grasped his hand for assistance.
After that, he helped an old woman who was blind make her way across the street in a secure manner while his sister remained to wait for the school bus.

The selfless adolescents told the local media that they had no second thoughts about their conduct, claiming that they had just been brought up to do what is right.
“I was only trying to be of assistance. Dontarius expressed his surprise to NBC’s WLWT5 News station by saying, “I truly didn’t expect I would be on camera.”

News on WLWT and YouTube

“All I was doing was extending a hand of assistance to senior citizens. The operative phrase here is “lending a hand.” He emphasised that everyone should lend a hand to one another.
Dontarius was observed by the camera while he assisted the lady, and the resulting photograph was uploaded to several social media platforms. Throughout the span of just one day, thousands of people have witnessed it and commended the teenager for his efforts.

Dontarius advised, “If you are kind to others, whatever happens to them will happen to you.”

As a token of appreciation for his helpfulness, Dontarius was presented with a key to the school.

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