After his benevolence, Shell contributes R500,000 to charity, delighting Nkosikho Mbele.
Shell chairman Hloniphizwe Mtolo hailed the hero petrol attendant and recommended him for an internal excellence award.

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“I’ve seen the wonderful news and wanted to contact and congratulate you for your good work,” he said Nkosikho Mbele.
“We will respond to what the public has done and gift half a million rand to a charity that you will choose,” he stated.

Mbele became famous after paying for a customer’s fuel at his Shell petrol station after seeing her fuel gauge was low.

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By 9:45am on Tuesday, thousands of South Africans had donated more than R469,000 to a BackaBuddy account in appreciation to his kindness.

His good deed raised over R1m, including the Shell donation.

Transport minister Fikile Mbalula “saluted” Shell and posted the video of the chairman praising one of his most famous employees.
“That’s fantastic news, thank you very much my brother,” Mbele said of his boss’s promise.

South Africa’s “Shell Excellence Award” nominee is him.

Will I attend these awards? ““Yes,” Mtolo said, “because you did the right thing.”

On Tuesday, Mbele told TimesLIVE that he “still can’t believe it” and was “very grateful” to his superiors for pledging the money to a charity he has yet to choose.

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“God’s good,” he added “You’ll be rewarded if it’s from the heart, and I’m grateful.”
He denied that he wasn’t authorised to manage his assets. He requested that BackaBuddy manage his family’s assets.

He asked BackaBuddy to keep it. “I live in Khayelitsha and it is not safe for me to have it in my account. I have asked them to hold it because a lot of people may turn up [seeking for money].”

Mbele will visit Zanzibar for the Shell regional service excellence awards.

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