Future’s rap disses don’t bother Russell Wilson because he’s too busy being a dad to Future’s son.

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Just a week after his wife Ciara’s ex-boyfriend Future released a diss track against him, the Denver Broncos quarterback, 34, posted a photo of his day with his grandson, Future Zahir, on Instagram on Thursday.

“Best part of the day #DadLife,” he wrote next to a picture of the two of them walking on a football field.

He praised the 9-year-old’s love of sports by posting a video of them talking about his love of basketball, football, and baseball on his Instagram Story. Future Zahir told Wilson during their talk that he wanted to do well in all three sports, so Wilson wrote on top of the video, “If anyone can, you can!”

Wilson then shared a video of Future Zahir throwing a football with the text “Slingin’ it on the money!” to show how athletic he was.

In the comments, many of his 5.5 million Instagram followers thanked the football player for spending time with his grandson.

One Instagram user said, “You took to parenting like a pro, and those three babies are lucky to have you and Ciara!??.” Another person who follows you on social media said, “When they go low, you go high. This is higher. Keep shining and being the best dad you can be.”

Wilson is the stepfather of Future Zahir, and he is also the father of 6-year-old Sienna Princess, whom he and Ciara, who is 37, had one year after they got married in 2016. They also raise Win Harrison, who is 3 years old.

Willson didn’t directly respond to Future’s trash track, but he came out just days after Future, who is 39, rapped on “Turn Yo Clic Up” with Quavo, “I got it out the field/F— Russell.”

The rapper had criticized Russell in 2019 for not stopping Ciara from saying bad things about him on social media after they broke up in 2014.


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“He’s not a man in that position,” he said on Apple Music’s Beats 1 show FREEBANDZ RADIO PRESENTS: THE WIZRD. “He’s not going to tell her, ‘Calm down about that on the internet. Don’t talk to him at all. I’m married to you! You better not even bring Future’s name up!’ She couldn’t even say his name if that was me. She’s aware of it. She couldn’t even talk about her ex-boyfriends.”

The last time Ciara talked about her marriage to Wilson was in July, when she wrote a tribute to him on the occasion of their seventh wedding anniversary. She said, “My heart is full and full of thanks for the love we share. You are everything I need and want. Happy 7th Birthday to @DangeRussWilson! Thank you for the way you love me. I love you so much. Totemo Aishiteru??.”

One thing you can say about Russell is that he will always answer you in a classy way.

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