Ice Spice says that she always talks to Drake and that the Toronto rapper gives her advice about her job.

Apple Music 1 has Ice Spice’s interview with Zane Lowe.

On July 14, Ice Spice met with Zane Lowe for a long chat on Apple Music 1. During the 45-minute talk, the rising star from the Bronx, New York, talks in depth about working with Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift, getting ready for a tour with Doja Cat, and meeting North West. Ice Spice also talks about the people who have helped her grow, and Drake is at the top of that list.

Drake is one of the people Ice Spice looks up to.

Zane Lowe moves the conversation towards mentorship as Ice Spice talks about how her career in the music business and beyond is getting better and better. Ice Spice was quick to say Drake when asked who she has “adopted as a mentor” along the way. In fact, Ice says she talks to Drake all the time and thinks of him as a good business coach.

“I’d say Drake,” Ice Spice says in the podcast below. “We talk all the time, and most of the time we just laugh about stuff. “What should I do with this?” I’ll ask him. Or, how did you do this? Or have you ever been through that?'”

The “Munch (Feelin’ U)” rapper continues: “And he’ll, I’m not going to give real examples, but he’ll tell me, ‘I did this, and you should do that, too, because you can.'” And I’ll say, ‘You’re right. Period. I’ll do that.’ It feels like a coach.”

Nicki Minaj is also on Ice Spice’s list of people who have helped her.

In another part of her recent interview with Zane Lowe, Ice Spice said that she loves getting help from Nicki Minaj, her “Princess Diana (Remix)” partner-in-rhyme, and that she thinks of the Barbie Queen as nothing less than royalty.

Ice Spice says that she looks up to Nicki Minaj because she feels like she is teaching her things and giving her advice. “And she’ll tell me, ‘Learn from my mistake, do this or don’t do that,’ or something like that. And I really listen to what she has to say. Because if I’m going to listen to anyone, it’s going to be the queen.”

Ice Spice and Drake put rumours to rest.

Now that we know Drake is out there giving Ice Spice “coach vibes,” it’s clear as day that any old rumours about the two rappers can be put to rest. Fans thought that Drake and Ice Spice were not getting along because of a popular video from last summer. The rumours kept going when Ice Spice was thought to have been dissed by Drizzy on Her Loss’ “BackOutsideBoyz.”

Ice Spice said back in January that she talked to Drake to put an end to those rumours, and maybe that’s how they became the mentor-mentee pair they are today.

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