According to court documents obtained by the Blast, DJ Mustard’s fight against ex-wife Chanel Thierry has resulted in a reduced child support obligation of $24,500 per month.

A judge ruled in favour of Mustard’s ex-wife, who was seeking child support of around $82,000 each month. Pre-Nup
The Shade Room previously reported that Chanel was demanding around $82,000 per month in child support for their three children, Kiylan, Kauner, and Kody, at a hearing earlier this year. But this Thursday, a judge issued a ruling that Mustard pay only a fraction of the original amount.

According to Blast, the judge upheld Mustard’s (actual name: Dijon McFarlane) prenuptial arrangement with Thierry.


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The publication said that celebrity divorce attorney Samantha Spector played a significant role in negotiating such favourable conditions for Mustard.

Although the sum is greater than the $19,000 a month he was paying under a temporary deal beginning in January of this year, as revealed by The Shade Room in February, it is still a significant increase.

Mustard keeps Chanel’s houses, cars, royalties, and jewellery while Chanel receives no spousal support.
A judge’s ruling this week also allows Mustard to keep his residence, vehicles, musical royalties, and jewellery. The court also ruled that he could keep his other properties.

Mustard promised the court that he would cover his children’s extracurricular activities. The judge ruled that it was okay for him to do so.

His three kids will get that $24,5000 each month, but their mom won’t get a dime in spousal support.

Previously, Chanel had agreed to a lump sum payment of $315,000, as evidenced by court documents.

In May of 2022, Mustard requested a divorce from Chanel. They were married for only two years but had been together for over a decade.

What Happened When DJ Mustard Split Up With His Wife, Chanel Thierry
Mustard and Chanel, on the other hand, have not been silent about the situation in public.

Since announcing their separation, the pair has engaged in some very public bickering. The fact that Chanel has been using social media with their children is a source of ongoing contention. Mustard alleges that by incorporating them in paid Instagram photos, she was putting them at risk from “predators,” as reported by Blast.


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As his lawyers explained to the Blast, he is “concerned that publicising the children may expose them to predators and unfriendly media” and that “as mere children, they lack the ability to consent to the use of their images in a manner that will become a permanent feature of the internet.”

The judge eventually ruled that both parents could share photos of their kids online. However, it was stipulated that neither party could use “disparaging” language against the other in online forums.

According to his lawyers’ letter to the Blast, the DJ claimed Chanel was “stalking” him after child custody exchanges.

Dijon believes that it is in the best interest of the children to have as few custodial exchanges as possible because Chanel is so aggressive and hostile, and in fact, the parties’ week-on-week-off custody schedule has been working well, despite the fact that Chanel continues to use custody exchanges as an opportunity to stoke conflict.

According to The Shade Room, Chanel appeared to throw shade at her broken up with ex by saying that she screwed over his “day one” last year.

Roommates, what do you think? Did Mustard, as his defenders claim, get off scot-free? Or is it still too much at $24,500/month?

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