American rapper Lizzo is currently on tour in Australia, where she is playing to packed crowds. On Friday night at Splendour in the Grass, a fan asked her to sign her bottom, which she did.

Mega-fan Bridget said that it was such an honor for the US singer to sign her behind that she got the signature inked on her body.

“I got it done right away on Saturday. I didn’t even take a shower. “Now I have her signature on my butt,” she told Nova’s Ben, Liam, and Belle on Monday.

People told me I was the girl who got her butt tattooed when I was at the tattoo shop. I was like, “yeah, I am”.’

Bridget said that her time with Lizzo was the “best time” of her life and that she would never forget it.

On the other hand, Lizzo put on a great show at Sydney’s Qudos Bank Arena on Sunday night in front of a packed crowd.

She looked like a real star when she danced on stage in a black PVC costume with green lacing that really stood out.

She couldn’t wipe the smile off her face as she sang her hits to a crowd that was screaming for more.

The Detroit native made her fans go crazy on Friday night at Splendour in the Grass when she called Bridget up on stage and signed her bottom after she held up a sign that said, “Lizzo, can you sign my a** and I’ll get it tattooed, please?”

The singer of the hit “About Damn Time” put on a great show on the first day of the Byron Bay event and kept doing her usual things on stage.

At one point, one of the Grammy winner’s players kept playing the piano while telling a female fan to come get her signature.

Lizzo said from the stage, “Okay, it’s time to sign your a**.”

“Oh, my God, it’s out!” Then she cried as Bridget took off all her clothes for the famous artist. “I have a mole right there!”

Lizzo got down on her knees to write her name on the woman’s behind, as she had told the famous person she would.

“Well, that’s a f***ing first. She said, “Only in Australia, b**ch,” as she walked off the stage after the signing.

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