Black Couple Adopts Three White Kids: ‘Families Don’t Have to Match’
After multiple failed pregnancies, a married couple gave up and thought they would always remain uncle and aunt. That unexpected call improved their life.

Parental bliss is rare, and many couples long for it their whole lives. Fostering and adoption shine a light on family completion.

Adoption is a choice, and non-traditional families are lovely too. Sadie and Jarvis Sampson’s tale shows that only love can unite people.

Missed Family Trip
Work fatigue caused the Sampsons to skip a four-day family cruise to Mexico. Sadie started a new job two weeks ago, and her husband started a few weeks earlier.

Sadie forgot her younger sister’s life jacket before returning. She drove home, grabbed her sister’s jacket, and dropped it off at her aunt’s as she was also going on the cruise.

Her best pal messaged her on her way. She asked Sadie and Jarvis to foster or adopt a kid. Sadie hesitated, believing it would cost like IVF. Her pal shared more.
Trouble Becoming Parents

“My buddy and her partner are considering foster care or adoption for their son. Sadie’s friend replied, “I told them you guys would be a perfect fit (sic). The Sampsons were used to wanting children.

The mother was condemned for her adoption choices, from “kidnapping” to favouring white children.

their January 2018 wedding, they tried to conceive. They used ovulation tests, pregnancy supplements, cycle monitoring apps, and fertility monitors. It failed.

Surprising Call
They sought medical help after numerous negative pregnancy tests. Every doctor Sadie met told her to lose weight to become pregnant immediately. Sadie lost 28 pounds after Gastric Bypass Surgery in February 2019.
Despite several OBGYN and reproductive expert appointments, the Sampsons were still childless. They gave up, assuming they were only uncle and aunt. A week later, Sadie’s friend and caseworker called.

The caseworker informed Sadie that the birth mother had requested six to twelve months in foster care while she received treatment. The Sampsons took the infant despite their fears about attachment.

Instant Parenthood

After that, the caseworker called to say the birth mum wanted them to adopt the child. Jarvis was astonished. They became parents overnight by fostering a child.
The Sampsons then learned that the birth parents sought an independent adoption. Therefore, they called their attorney and got the paperwork prepared swiftly. Sadie told her mum the happy news.
YOU’LL BE A GRANDMA! A 2-week-old boy we’re adopting called! Sadie exclaimed. Her mother jumped happily. Sadie and Jarvis met their child after the birth parents signed.

Greeting Ezra
They drove to the NICU to meet their son. At 33 weeks, he weighed four pounds, five ounces. Jarvis could hold the blanketed baby in one hand.

The premature infant had a nose-feeding tube. Sadie and Jarvis spent the day with the baby in the hospital while working. His feeding tube finally disappeared.
He could go home with the Sampsons. They took their baby home after physicians’ orders. In October 2020, Ezra Lee was adopted and brought his new parents joy.

Families May Differ
After having Ezra, the Sampsons recognised their parenting problem. The new parents documented their journey on social media, grateful for their son.

Sadie and Jarvis adopted Journee and Destinee through embryo donation in 2021. “Families don’t have to match,” the black couple raised three white children, a boy and two daughters.

Sadie and Jarvis have one message for anyone who criticises their beautiful family: love is the strongest foundation.
Adopting multiracial children might draw unwanted attention and severe criticism. A Connecticut black mother who adopted two white siblings was condemned like Sadie and Jarvis.

The mother was condemned for her adoption choices, from “kidnapping” to favouring white children. She proved that love transcends race with her motherly affection.

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