Roseanne Barr Turns 70: She’s Slimmer, Has a Bigger Family, and Is “Feeling Good” with Her 20-Year Loving Partner
Stand-up comedian and actress Roseanne Barr turned 70. The actress is well-known, but her sexist words have cost her.

Barr, who starred in “Roseanne,” lost everything after tweeting a racist term and comparing Valerie Jarrett and Barack Obama to apes.
Barr has openly supported former president Donald Trump. But, she blamed her insensitive joke on her mental illness.

She failed to be witty by saying it sounded funny. Barr’s hatred was also fueled by Jarrett’s whiteness.

serious response, the actress hid for weeks. Some say Jarrett shrugged off Barr’s statements and said, “Roseanne who?” ”
The former government official said she would not watch Barr’s stand-up routine and hoped no one else would to give the comic a “teachable moment.”

Barr acknowledged Jarrett’s remark and said, “I realise she believes I injured her,” adding that she found making a public apology difficult because she continued getting mocked for the same issue.

Barr apologised and left Twitter. The actress stated the reaction ended her life and career, but she was happy of her victory.

Roseanne Barr changed once her show was cancelled.
Barr had to rethink her career and personal life after her successful show was cancelled. After three failed marriages, Barr married writer and producer John Argent.
After a year of phone calls, the actress fell in love with his voice. Barr replied she didn’t care how he looked as long as he had teeth. Barr found Argent one of the most handsome men she had ever seen.

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Marriage doesn’t interest them. The Globe reports that Argent always says he and Barr are fine without the ring when discussing marriage.
Barr wrote in “Roseannearchy: Dispatches from the Nut Farm” that Argent “cared about truth and justice” and was her life partner.

Barr and Argent like reading and posting intriguing videos on Barr’s YouTube account. The actress praised Argent’s Henry Hoskins and The Hole Factory.

According to Closer Weekly, Barr and her partner bought a macadamia nut property in Hawaii. Home is on 46 acres.

The comedian’s Hawaiian home is paradise on social media. Sunsets, greenery, and a blooming flower garden.

Barr said that she remodelled her museum house. The three-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bath home’s front entryway has a bench and lush greenery.

The oak-cabineted kitchen contains stainless steel appliances. Barr’s kitchen looks big enough for a bed.

The “Roseanne” actress shared another photo of her bohemian living space. The room includes a green accent wall, hardwood furniture, and a neural floral carpet that matches the rest of the house.

Barr worked hard to slim down. Barr sought weight loss help in the 1990s after reaching 350 pounds.
She lost 80 pounds after a gastric bypass in 1998. After reducing weight, Barr needed a tummy tuck to fix her skin.

Barr said it was hard and that she gained weight, but she didn’t punish herself.

She worked hard. The comic said eating better and exercising more altered her life. She wanted to be healthy since she felt lighter.

Grandmothering: Roseanne Barr
Barr told Extra TV that becoming a grandma changed her the most. Because she has six grandchildren, the comic feels responsible to teach her children how to parent.

Barr said it makes her pushier, but she wants her grandchildren to be happy and healthy. with a happy marriage and grandparenthood.

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