Andrea Thompson died of a heart attack in January of this year, and Tristan Thompson’s ex-girlfriend Khloé Kardashian and her family were there to help.

On the season end of The Kardashians, which aired this week, the family found out that Andrea had died, which was a sad event. They then rushed to Toronto to be with Thompson.

“Tristan found out that his mother had a heart attack. It turned his life upside down,” Kim Kardashian said in an interview where she told the truth. “So, of course, we drop everything and go to Toronto. I’ll be there, no question about it.”

Entertainment Tonight says that Kim, Khloé, and Kris Jenner all got on a private jet to help.

Khloé, who is the mother of two of Thompson’s four children, said that she talked to Andrea almost every day and that Andrea was the only person who took care of Tristan’s “severely disabled” younger brother, Amari Thompson. Tristan is now legally in charge of Amari.

After Thompson’s mother died, the famous family helped him clean out her house. When they got back to Los Angeles, Thompson and Amari moved in with Khloé while his house was being built.

“Isn’t it funny that you were so ready for your year of freedom and then Tristan and his little brother had to move in with you and his roof caved in? What are the odds?” What Kim told Khloé.

“God does have a plan, and right now, God doesn’t want him to be alone, and why should he be?” Tristan, Khloé said.

After it was found out that Thompson had a child with another woman in December 2021, the pair broke up. After they broke up, Tatum, their boy, was born through a surrogate.

Khloé has been clear that she and Thompson need to set limits, even though they have two kids together.

“Tristan and I have broken up. I know everyone finds it hard “to believe. But I love Andrea a lot. I really like Tristan”. “I love Amari,” Khloé says in her interview where she tells all. “This is something families do. This is the man who gave me my children. I lost my dad [Robert Kardashian], who was like a fairytale parent, but I still can’t imagine “losing my mom. I know how close Tristan and his mom are, and it’s just sad. And then to have to take care of another person as well. It’s very… Tristan” and I are related, and we will stay related for the rest of our lives.

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