Cardi B was compared to Milli Vanilli after her show on Saturday at Drai’s Beachclub in Las Vegas, where she kept performing even after a drink was thrown at her from the crowd.

WAP, who is 30 years old, “threw a microphone at a fan while her 2018 hit Bodak Yellow” played.

Milli Vanilli was a pop band “made up of Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus in the 1980s. Their” songs like “Girl, You Know It’s True,” “Baby, Don’t Forget My Number,” and “Blame It on the Rain” were talked about on social media.

“Morvan and Pilatus, who died in 1998, had to give back their 1990 Best New Artist Grammy” because they didn’t sing on their songs.

On social media, music fans compared the pop singer to the former duo.

Someone wrote, “So Cardi B is doing a lot of Milli Vanilli while she hums her mic at an angry fan.”

“Milli Vanilli is very popular!” That’s it? Cardi B was able to catch Milli Vanilli! You “thought she sang on stage, right?

One user” said, “Cardi B’s Milli Vanilli moment. The lyrics keep playing after she throws at a fan.” Refunds for lip-syncing?

Some people defended the artist by saying that, unlike Milli Vanilli, Cardi B really performed her songs.

One person said, “It doesn’t surprise me that you weird little kids have made Milli Vanilli popular because of Cardi B.” “You’re too young to know that there was no singing in MV’s song.

It’s not the same as lip-syncing because of where it’s happening.

Another person said, “For those trying to connect this to Milli Vanilli and Cardi B, the problem wasn’t lip-syncing. The problem was that the singers we know as Milli Vanilli never really sang the song.”

We could hear both singers. Contrary to lip-syncing.

One user said, “The problem with Milli Vanilli was that they never recorded the masters; those were done by session musicians.” “”It’s one thing to lip sync to your own songs. It’s another to lie and take credit” for singing when you didn’t.

On Saturday, “hours after throwing a drink at a DJ in Las Vegas, the” pop star threw “a microphone at a fan who threw a drink at her”.

On Saturday, Pop Base shared a video of the WAP singer throwing “the microphone off the stage after getting sprayed by a fan’s drink”.

“The rapper, who just put out a song called “Jealousy” with her husband Offset”, used her microphone for other things more than once over the weekend.

Cardi was angry the night before at Drai’s Beachclub because the DJ cut off her songs too soon.

kfen777 shared a video of the performer shouting “her name, turning around, and throwing the microphone at the DJ” like “a football before leaving the stage.

In the first clip, Cardi”, whose real name is Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, acts during the day while wearing a tight, bright orange outfit.

She is singing her 2018 single “Bodak Yellow” when a drink from the crowd hits her in the face as she brings the microphone to her face for another line.

Cardi looks shocked before throwing the microphone at the person in the crowd who was throwing drinks.

Her song’s vocals and background sounds keep going.

While security takes care of the crowd, Cardi fixes her hair.

“Fans in Las Vegas had to wait two hours in 112 degree heat to see the” act.

The hip hop star complained about how hot Sin City was and asked her fans to throw water on her.

The night before the microphone episode, she sang her hit song “I Like It” barefoot while wearing a tiny neon yellow dress.

After throwing the mic and throwing confetti, Cardi left the stage.

“What’s going on? No background…

Many songs were cut short by the DJ! She was very angry about a crying laughing emoji.

Later that day, Cardi B changed her dress while going to another event with Offset and some of her friends. She wrote about it on Instagram.

The diva showed off her assets by wearing big red circular sunglasses and a plunging red dress with halter straps.

She smiled and panned down while sitting “down to show off her hourglass shape and outfit.

Later, she made a cute video with Offset, who was wearing a leather coat and a baseball cap, in which he showed off his diamond”-covered teeth.

After Cardi B and Offset said they weren’t making up an affair scandal to sell their song “Jealousy,” which came out on Friday, people started throwing things.

After people thought that the Migos artist, who is 31 years old, had accused his husband of cheating in public to promote their new song, the mother of two cleared up their online fight.

The Grammy winner replied to an Instagram comment that called his adultery charges “a stunt” to get attention: “It wasn’t no STUNT.”

“Tasha K made something up, and you all laughed and were happy as hell about it. Putting it to music is a trick, so… She wrote, “Naaa baby be mad at the one who started trolling with it,” according to a Twitter” image.

Cardi shared “the post again and said, “THEY C***.”HIE WAS SO WET WHEN THE LIE WAS GOING AROUND. Now that it’s” in the song, the story is different.This song is my jam!

She talked about her case “against YouTube blogger Tasha K for defamation, which she won last year”, and about her fight with rapper Offset.

The court told the blogger, Latasha Kebe, that she couldn’t post or repeat any claims that linked Cardi B to drug use, prostitution, cheating on her husband, or STDs.

A judge told her to delete “false and defamatory” videos and posts on social media.

Last month, “Offset accused his wife of five years of” cheating on him in a post that has since been taken down.

Offset said something, and Cardi reacted on Twitter Spaces by calling her husband a “motherf****r” and saying that he was “spiraling.”

She also responded to Offset’s shocking accusation in a song that she shared online.

“First of all, let me say that you can’t accuse me of all the things you know you are guilty of,” the star sang in Keyshia Cole’s I should have lied. Sing with us! I can see that you might blame me for everything. Yes, honey!

“Come on,” urged Cardi. Cardi B. “Sometimes, motherf**kers forget that I’m Cardi B. If I gave this to someone, it would be over. I’m” different.

A source told People that they are just having a small fight. They fight a lot and are very angry. As usual, they’ll fight.

Offset and Cardi went to Paris Fashion Week together after their fight went public.

The couple married in secret in September 2017 and told everyone about it the next year.

In July 2018, their daughter Kulture will be five years old, and in July 2019, their boy Wave will be one.

Cephus has three children from other relationships: Jordan, 13, Kody, 8, and Kalea, also 8.



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