John Cena lived on pizza and was homeless when he visited Los Angeles in 1999.

After graduating from college, the actor and former WWE superstar, now 46, admitted to comedian Kevin Hart on his show “Hart to Heart” that “every avenue of fitness failed” him.

When his application for an exercise physiology degree was denied, Cena tried to become a traffic patrol officer.

My degree wasn’t put to good use here. I was unable to verify my purchased document. The four-year certificate from Springfield College stated, “We think you know what you’re talking about.”

Cena lived off ‘eat the whole pie, get it free’ pizza from a nearby shop while sleeping in the back of his 1991 Lincoln Continental.

Cena discussed his early struggles after relocating from West Newbury, Massachusetts, in a recent Hart’s Peacock episode.

Finding a job that utilized Cena’s degree proved to be more difficult than anticipated.

He told Hart that he relocated to LA to work in the fitness industry.

He said, “I moved out to use my degree in exercise physiology and kinesiology,” to which Hart replied, “God damn.”

It’s almost like getting a degree in working out, Cena stated.

The WWE superstar was asked by Hart why he struggled in Los Angeles, and Cena said that he wasn’t sure but that it’s possible he was inexperienced.

“Knowledge, life experience, and wisdom,” he remarked.

In Hermosa Beach, Cena claimed to have ‘failed to the point of’ residing in his car and consuming Zeppy’s Pizza.

“If you could eat their whole pizza, you got it for free,” Cena said. “I ate a whole pizza there every night so I didn’t have to pay because I didn’t have the money to pay the guy,” the customer said.

The “Peacemaker” actor claimed that his “uncomfortable” living conditions aided in his self-discovery.

Even though he loved Los Angeles, things were so bad that he thought about going back to his hometown.

Regarding his early career difficulties, he remarked, “I’m really fortunate for my tale since it was my choice to have hard times.”

My father used to say, “You’re my son,” all the time. Thank you. In West Newbury, Massachusetts, I would eat. I was protected. “I’ll regroup,” Cena said.

Along with being a cop, he failed to join the California Highway Patrol.

Cena expressed his happiness at having “opted to remain out” since it was successful.

The ‘Fast X’ hero made his WWE debut in 2002 when he joined Ultimate Pro Wrestling.

After some time, he rose to become one of the most prestigious, acclaimed, and well-paid wrestlers in the WWE.

It’s possible that his early failure kept him humble.

My entire existence is an accident, Cena told Hart.

My entire existence is built on a series of fortuitous occurrences, he said.

The 2023 movie office sensation “Barbie,” in which Cena featured, gives back.

In 2022, the charitable actor broke the previous record for the most Make-A-Wish Foundation desires.




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