When Shaquille O’Neal, a former NBA star, shared a picture of himself in a hospital bed on Sunday, his loyal fans were worried about his health. Even though the tweet only said “I’m always watching,” it caused a lot of worry among O’Neal’s many loyal fans.

Fans and other famous people quickly replied to O’Neal’s post with words of encouragement and help. Ernie Johnson, who works with O’Neal on the TNT show “Inside the NBA,” wrote on Twitter, “Thinking of you, big fella.” On April 15, 2013, O’Neal died. Candace Parker, one of the other co-hosts, tweeted that she was “sending love.”

Later, O’Neal’s agent, Darren Murphy, said in a statement that the basketball player was “doing well” and that he was “undergoing a routine procedure.” Murphy didn’t say anything more about what the process was for.

The tweet from O’Neal and the comment from his agent that followed have helped calm some of the fans’ worries. Even so, there are still some questions about O’Neal’s health. At the moment, no one knows when he will be able to leave the hospital or go back to work after his accident.

O’Neal is a popular person in the NBA and in pop culture in general. His sense of humor and attitude are both bigger than life, and both are well-known for him. He is also a successful businessman and developer who makes a lot of money.

The health of O’Neal is one of the main things that worries his many fans. People are hoping for the person’s health to get better quickly and completely.

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