A mother of three who has had three C-sections made a lot of people angry online when she said her husband made fun of her weight gain and even laughed at her “belly.”

The unnamed lady went to the UK parenting site Mumsnet to talk about how upset she was about the situation. She said that his comment “hurt so bad.”

She said that she had been working hard and had “worked out” that day, but when he saw her, he said, “You’re probably in the worst shape you’ve ever been in.”

The mother went on to say that she couldn’t be “mad at him” because he was “absolutely right,” but that her heart was still “broken.” Many people called her husband a “a**hole” and a “d**k.”

She said, “I’ve been in my workout clothes since I started working out today.”

“There is obviously more skin on display. When he looked at my stomach and started laughing, I asked, “What’s so funny?”

He may have been afraid to say what was on his mind at first because he knew it would hurt his wife.

She went on to say, “I had to beg him to tell the truth.”

“You’re probably in the worst shape you’ve ever been in”, he says. But he is right, so I can’t be mad at him, even though it hurts so much.

She gave more information about her position by saying that, in addition to having three children and three caesarean sections, she also worked full time at an office.

She didn’t eat much either; she only had one meal a day, at dinner.

She went on, “I’ve had three kids and three C-sections, and I work in an office all day where I don’t move much.”

“”I don’t eat a lot. I’ll only eat” dinner, a candy bar, and a cup of tea during the day. But I don’t work out.

“As sad as it sounds, I feel like I can’t be mad at him, but my heart is broken.”

Over 200 people have left comments on the post, and one of them called her husband a “d**k” for making the rude comment.

The person wrote, “I guess he’s the best of the best when it comes to his body?” Well done for starting.’

One person tried to comfort the mother by telling her that what she had to hear sounded “very hurtful”: “That doesn’t sound sad to me. What a terrible thing to say to someone you should love.

“You have every right to be mad at him, because he did you a lot of harm.”

‘A**ehole! “Sending virtual help,” said someone else.

Another person asked him if he had a ‘dad bod’: “Tell me about his strong, young body.”

“Don’t listen to him if he has a dad bod but hasn’t carried three children.

“Work out, eat well, and drink water not because he said something mean, but because it makes you feel better.”

In a later post, the woman said that the two of them had made up after an emotional apology.

She said, “He’s apologised, and he’s sorry.” He has a job that keeps him busy and on the move, which makes it easy for him to stay at a healthy weight.

“It makes me sad to think that’s how he sees me.”

One person wrote in response to the post, “He can shove his apologies up his perfectly toned a**.” He “giggled” at you while you were in your gym clothes? He doesn’t sound at all like a partner who cares.

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