After years of trouble and illness derailed his career, singer August Alsina has been working hard to change his brand. As a cast member on VH1’s The Surreal Life, he has been using the new attention to show who he really is, away from all the drama. What he’s said has made a big impression on many people who already liked him. His recent statement that he has a special guy friend who has changed his life has made many people wonder what he likes and if it confirms long-standing rumors about Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith.

In a season that has already shown that August is a struggling single father to his three nieces, the singer/songwriter has also opened up about a new love in his life that has overcome all odds. Alsina talks around and around about a special someone who has really changed his life in the last episode of the season. August says love came into his life “in a new way.” He says that this person has taught him how to heal and be more open, and he wants to share those lessons with everyone. “It goes against all the ideas we have about what love is or what it should be like.” Before the episode ends, the camera moves around to show a guy walking on screen and awkwardly hugging August.

The news is everywhere on social media. Many people have been happy about the musician “coming out” and have been making memes about it. Some people have been sharing a scene from a Madea movie in which a young man comes out to his family and they all say, “We always knew!” Others have told Alsina that her “boyfriend” is handsome and are trying to get in with the guys. “Me audition to be a third in August in a new relationship,” said one fan, showing a video of a woman dancing.

Others have pointed out that Alsina didn’t use the words “gay,” “bisexual,” or “boyfriend,” and they think the ending is an attempt to get people to watch the next season.So, you guys know that August Alsina didn’t say he was gay or that guy was his boyfriend, right? It leaves things unclear on purpose so that people can talk about it and get more people to watch next week.” After a few people said, “It was implied,” the person asked, “Is he gay?” Could be. Bi? Maybe so. He didn’t tell us, so we don’t know. He brought out a man, HUGGED him (not kissed him), and said something about “love.” And you guys went crazy.”

Others are thinking about August’s “entanglement” with Jada Pinkett Smith again and wondering if the reports that he dated both Jada and Will are true. “Wait until you find out that August Alsina was hitting BOTH Will and Jada,” someone said. Another person joked that Jada would use this as an opportunity for Red Table Talk and shared a video of a woman cleaning off a desk with the words, “Jada is currently setting up the red table.” Do you think August was dating Will and Jada at the same time the whole time?

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