Love & Hip-Hop is like its own world. The VH1 staple is a reality TV heavyweight that covers a lot of places, genres, and types of people. People watch every week to see what their favorite cast members are up to, and some of their favorite couples have been on the show for years. Jim Jones and Chrissy Lampkin are a couple who have been in the show since the beginning.

The OGs of the show have been stuck in a will they or won’t they dance about getting married for a long time. Chrissy is telling her fans that she used to want to get married, but now it’s not as important to her as it once was.

Chrissy and Jim Jones have done a lot to make the Love & Hip-Hop world what it is today. Not many people know this. VH1 had at first agreed to follow Jimmy around and show what his life was like. Even though that pilot wasn’t picked up, they quickly realized that his wife and her friends could be in a show behind the scenes. Yandy Smith, who was Jim’s boss at the time, was the one who first told the network about the idea. Her relationship with his longtime girlfriend Chrissy was a big part of what made the show work and set its tone.

In the first few seasons, Chrissy’s storyline was important because she established herself as the hip-hop artist’s long-term girlfriend. Always faithful and always second. Chrissy fought for her respect in the relationship, but when it was time to make things official, she was always put on hold. Chrissy got so tired of waiting that in one season, she asked Jim Jones to marry her instead because he was taking so long.

Chrissy says that she was going to do a burlesque act before she asked him to marry her. Chrissy asked her friends and family to come to the front of the stage, and she cried as she said she loved Jim Jones. She said that the words finally started to “flow,” and she was able to tune out the rest. When she finally asked him to marry her, Jim smiled and threw his head back in shock. He then said, “I’m with you,” as his angry mother stormed out of the room. During a trip to Miami, Jim would ask his lady to marry him again.

Chrissy got a lot of bad feedback from male fans who thought that her getting on one knee was rude to Jim. Jones also got criticism from female fans who didn’t understand why he kept making Chrissy wait so long when it was clear she was already in. Even though all of this happened, the two kept going as a team and even came back to the show after a short break. Chrissy thought about the proposal and how she and Jim needed to be whole before they could make a long-term commitment to each other. Chrissy said that marriage was no longer important to her while promoting the show on The Real. “Things are going well between us. I thought marriage was the next step, but it’s not the right choice for everyone. So, right now, we’re good.”

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