The love story of actor Zooey Deschanel and TV star Jonathan Scott, who is known for his role on the show Property Brothers, is taking a magical turn. The two are now engaged after four years of heartwarming times.

The New Girl star, who is 43 years old, couldn’t hide her happiness on Instagram when she showed off her sparkling multi-diamond ring.

Along with the 45-year-old HGTV star, she wrote “Forever starts now!!!” with heart emojis and an infinity symbol in the photo’s description.

This news comes right after they celebrated their fourth wedding.

People says that a family trip to Scotland was the beautiful setting for the question. The picture showed the two of them in front of an old stone castle, and Zooey was wearing a beautiful flower-shaped ring with pink and purple stones.

Her eight-year-old daughter Elsie and her six-year-old son Charlie were important parts of the moment when she asked him to marry her.

Why did you choose Scotland? For Jonathan, it hits close to home because of his family history. He and his twin brother Drew both wore traditional kilts to Drew’s wedding in 2018 as a nod to the past. Their ancestors came from Scotland, but their father moved to Canada, which is where the twins began their journey to fame.

People from Hollywood and fans of the movies all flooded the post. “That’s so exciting!” said Courteney Cox. Congratulations !!!” Mindy Kaling couldn’t stop herself from exclaiming, “Omg!!! So cool, Zooey! Good job!!”

Drew added his two cents to the parties by writing, “This makes me so happy.”

If you’re just hearing about this love story now, the two “”met on James Corden’s show in August 2019 during a Carpool Karaoke.
“” episode. Drew, who is Jonathan’s brother, and actress Emily Deschanel, who is Zooey’s sister, were both in the show.

People heard from a source that after shooting, the four of them went to a karaoke night in Los Angeles. Then, Zooey and Jonathan were more than just friends.

“They were all creative and skilled… After that, they became friends and found out there was more going on,” the person said. After that, they went on dinner dates together and sealed their romance with a kiss while filming Dancing With the Stars.

In October, they shared a picture from a double date at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. When they went to J.D. Scott’s Halloween-themed wedding that same month, they were the talk of the town. Dress up? For him, it’s Batman and for her, it’s Catwoman.

Zooey was married to artist Ben Gibbard and then to Jacob Pechenik in the past. On Jonathan’s timeline of relationships, there was his marriage to Kelsy Ully, which ran until 2010. There was also his relationship with producer Jacinta Kuznetsov.

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