Issa Rae has criticized Hollywood for shielding Ezra Miller despite his “atrocious” behavior making headlines in recent months.

Even though they have “been arrested for disorderly conduct and harassment and cited in Vermont with felony burglary all within the past year”, Miller is still “the lead in the upcoming superhero film The Flash”, as Rae pointed out in a new interview with Elle magazine.

“repeat offender,” as Issa Rae puts it, best describes Ezra Miller. Thinks “the actor’s movie should have been pulled because of their legal” problems.

Rae told Elle, “I think it’s extremely important to, like the mantra says, ‘Listen to women.'” She said that she doesn’t agree with people leaping to conclusions without sufficient evidence and that she’s fine with investigations taking place. “I’m going to be honest; what’s going on with Ezra Miller is, in many ways, a little version of Hollywood. Even though this person is a repeat offender and has been acting horribly, the production is still trying to save both them and the film.

A “clear example,” in Rae’s words, of Hollywood shielding abusers is the Ezra Miller controversy.

Rae elaborated, saying that this shows how far the entertainment industry can go to defend itself and shield perpetrators.

Avoid doing that, and maybe women will have a chance to succeed. They won’t have to worry that speaking up could hurt their careers any longer. It’s just Hollywood being Hollywood, and that’s a pattern of abuse that will only continue if it does.

“Warner Bros. is still planning to release Miller’s The Flash in June” 2023.

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