After dating for two years, Darius Jackson and Keke Palmer are said to have split up. People magazine says that Jackson has “moved on.”

Jackson openly shamed Palmer, who had a baby in February, for dressing provocatively at an Usher concert a month earlier, so this news doesn’t come as a shock.

A movie was made of Palmer dancing to the R&B singer’s songs during his “My Way” residency in Las Vegas.

Jackson wrote on Twitter about Palmer’s see-through black outfit, “It’s the outfit, tho…” That’s what you are, Mom.

He went on to say, “We live in a time when a family man who doesn’t want his wife and the mother of his children to show bottom cheeks to please others is called a hater.

After Jackson’s followers criticized him, he finally chose to delete his account.

Keke kept having fun even though there were other things going on.

She wrote a number of messages on Instagram about how busy their schedule was making it hard for her to take more photos.

Anyone who hasn’t seen @usher yet needs to do so right away. What a great person he was!

She said, “Giving down Atlanta in the theater, giving down tips and tricks, and just being completely famous. As an artist, I found a new reason to push myself.

Palmer’s participation in Usher’s new music video for “Boyfriend” was released on Wednesday, despite the outrage. Jackson is taking care of his kids with his ex-wife and working on his acting job at the same time.

The source of the information also said that good parents can live in different homes.


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