NLE Choppa and Marissa Da’Nae just had a baby boy, so everyone should congratulate them.

Marissa and NLE Choppa both posted on Instagram on Wednesday to share the happy news that their baby boy had arrived.

Da’Nae showed off a series of photos in a carousel. They showed sweet moments like her holding the baby in a hospital bed, her posing with the rapper, and an adorable picture of the baby’s tiny footprints.

Chozen Wone Da’Shun Potts August 16, 2023, 6:53 a.m.

So grateful for this journey and for God putting you in my life.


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Marissa said on her Instagram story that she had a lot to say about how she gave birth, which was a hint that things did not go as planned.

“I tried to give birth at home, but I had to go to the hospital because my water broke. I had to get an emergency c-section because my water broke… I can’t wait to tell you this story…”

NLE Choppa also said a few words. He said that his son was the best thing God had given him this year.

“ChoZen Won Da’Shun Potts 8/16/23″

The best gift God has given me this year. Sorry, I had to be funny because she was in pain. ALL GLORY TO THE MOST ”

He also took the time to talk about his son’s name and tell what it meant.

“Chozen Won ZEN—Zenful Energy from the Divine Won—he already won at life One—the chosen one

My middle name is Lashun, and Marissa’s given name is Da’Nae.

His name is special to us all, but there is a reason why it is the way it is. We’re all different when we’re born.

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