Iyanla Vanzant talked for a long time with Tamron Hall about many things, including the end of her famous “show Iyanla: Fix My Life.

“I’m very sensitive to energy,” she told Hall”. “Because on the show you go into people’s homes, you’re in their bathrooms and kitchens, and then they think they know you and think they have the right to say certain things, and that’s because we’re not clear and aware of the energy we put out. So, people would send me messages on social media and come to my house. I was getting death threats because of what I had said. And I think, “I want to get out of this.” This is the last thing I want. Some shows, some problems, and some things I said made people threaten to kill me.

She went on, “People would come to my house, you know, because they can find you anywhere on the internet.”They would say something like, “I know you don’t know me, but I need help” when they called. Whoa, wait a minute! There are many ways that I can help other people. I use social media often, I have a college degree, and I teach. At 2 in the morning, you won’t be able to reach me on my home phone. Because of this, all I wanted was for it to stop. I cared more about that.

She also talked about how her daughter died in 2003.

Gemma, Vanzant’s beloved daughter, died of colon cancer when she was only 31 years old. Vanzant has helped people while also taking care of her grandkids. She was heartbroken when Gemma died, but she remembers a key event that changed the course of her life.

I go all over the world to help people who need it. Then, as “Mommy,” I had to watch as my dog got sick and I couldn’t do anything about it,” Vanzant told Hall. “I know that cancer is a very strong enemy. Now that my child is sick, I find myself thinking, “How can I help people save their lives and fix their relationships when all I can do is stand here?” But my ego was driving me crazy, so I kept asking myself, “If I can’t help my own, how can I help other people?” That “was a very difficult time. It was a” very hard thing to do.

Even though he had almost given in to the darkness, Vanzant felt at peace after Gemmia died. I will always remember that she died on Christmas Day. She was 31 and lived in a house that she had bought and paid for herself. “Because I lived that way, because that’s how I lived,” she said over and over.

She also remembered, “And I remember when they brought her body downstairs, I told the undertaker, ‘I’m going to close the body bag because she doesn’t like the dark.'” Also, I thought of it. I remember thinking, “Wow, God must really think I’m a strong person if he gave me the chance to bring her into this world and help her move on to the next life.” I knew she was scared of the dark, “so I closed the bodybag and told her everything would be” fine. This made me realize, “Okay, there’s more going on here.” Let me pay attention to that instead of the small things in life.

Here are some clips from the interview:


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