A 22-year-old woman from Louisiana was arrested, according to the police, because she stabbed her grandpa in the face during a fight about how clean she was.

Carrington Harris from Keithville was arrested after the fight, which started when her grandpa told her to take a shower.

The Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office said on Wednesday, “Detectives said Harris and her grandparents started fighting when they told her to take a shower. She started breaking things inside the house and then shut off the power from the outside, according to the statement. “Detectives say that while Harris’s parents were trying to hold her down, she ran away, got a knife from the kitchen, and stabbed her grandfather,”

After that, Harris ran away from the house and hid in the nearby trees. Hours later, police found her hiding behind a neighbor’s house.

Reports say that Harris was arrested and charged with both domestic battery and domestic attack with a dangerous weapon.

Harris is being kept at the Caddo Correctional Centre right now because she stabbed her grandpa.

As of Thursday, there was no bond.

Police say that Harris’ grandfather was taken to Willis-Knighton South, but no new information about his status has been released.

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