50 Cent could be charged with a crime because he threw a microphone at a Power 106 radio show and hit her in the face with it.

During the G-Unit founder’s Wednesday show in Los Angeles, the situation happened. The show was part of his Final Lap tour, which he has said could be his last time going from city to city. When 50 threw his mic off the stage in L.A., things seemed to take a turn for the worse as fans gathered to celebrate the many hits from his first record, “Get Rich or Die Trying.” TMZ says that 50 was probably trying to throw the microphone to the production area near the crowd. But Monegain told the cops that the rapper knew she was at the show because he looked right at her before he threw the device, which suggests that he did it on purpose.

Images of the media star in a hospital bed with blood on her face and a cut on her forehead were posted on Instagram. Since then, the famous host has stopped talking. Now that 50 threw the mic, the police are looking into whether or not he committed a major crime of battery and what made him do it. Video of the artist performing on stage shows that he seemed angry when he threw one mic down and then threw another one with much more force.

Even if 50 doesn’t go to jail for the attack, things like this often lead to cases, as many fans have said online. Cardi B also hit a concertgoer with a mic last month after they threw a drink on stage. Even though criminal charges were dropped, there could still be legal action.

50 Cent hasn’t said anything about it yet.

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