Spice has something to say about Erica Mena calling her a “monkey” during their “Love & Hip-Hop” fight.

The video of the two women fighting has gone viral on the internet, and people have a lot to say about it. The “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” cameras caught the fight between the two women. The reggae star slammed Mena over her relationship with her oldest son, King Conde. It’s said that the child doesn’t like his famous mother, and when Spice said that, Mena flipped a table at her and told the singer to die. In a fit of anger, Mena also called Spice a “blue monkey,” which is a derogatory term for people of African descent with dark skin. Even with the comment, Spice doesn’t care.

“I understand what I agreed to, so I’m good, you know? She told Forbes, “I’m in a better place now, and it just goes with the territory. You already know what the story is about.”

Spice is able to ignore the comments and keep her “peace of mind,” but a lot of people are saying that Mena has a questionable past of racism and colorism. Some people have even said that the longtime “LHH” star called Black women “monkey” when they didn’t agree with him.

As if this reaction wasn’t enough, Saucy Santana called Mena out a few days ago for being “belligerent,” which led to the incident in an Atlanta lounge that put her, Bambi, and Zell Swag in jail. She and her “Love & Hip-Hop” co-stars have since been let out of jail.

Even though Mena is a very vocal influencer who rarely keeps her mouth shut, she hasn’t said anything yet about her arrest or the latest round of anger.

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