Halle Berry recently said that young star Zendaya shows what show business will be like in the future.

Berry told Variety’s ‘Up Next’ series that Zendaya is the next big star.

Since she was just starting out, Zendaya has been praised and given awards for her work. The Oscar winner says that the star of Spider-Man: No Way Home is just getting started.

Halle Berry talks about Zendaya’s past and what might happen in her future.

Berry thinks that Zendaya has what it takes to keep getting better at what she does. He says, “She’s going to write, direct, and go further than I did in less time.”

The Emmy went to Zendaya for her role in the HBO show Euphoria. She is the most latest person to get this award.

Berry added to her earlier praise of Zendaya’s acting skills by saying, “She’s brave, not afraid to take chances, real, and wildly beautiful.” Halle said this about the actress: “She’s brave, she’s not afraid to take chances, she’s real, and she’s wildly beautiful.” She doesn’t care if she’s ugly or not. She seems to want to do more than just look good on stage. She is taken by surprise. She works hard at playing, and she doesn’t mind trying new things. I think she’ll pull off a move that no one saw coming.

What Halle Berry thinks about today’s young people

Berry has left an indelible mark on the movie business, and she is excited to see the next generation of black actors continue to break down walls in Hollywood. She thinks that Zendaya is the best in this field. Here is what Cherry thinks about the coming generation:

I really hope that the people who come after me will be able to pick up where I left off and go even further.

Zendaya wants to use her fame, like Berry did, to make more people feel like they fit somewhere. She said earlier this year, “If I ever become a movie director, I know that the main characters will always be black women.”


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