After Michael Strahan left professional football, his co-star on Good Morning America, Robin Roberts, was there to help him adjust to life on TV.

Hello! says that when Strahan first started working as an ABC correspondent, he told Candace Parker how it felt to have Roberts’s backing.

He went into more detail by telling Parker on her Moments show, “To be honest with you, I was such a fish out of water that Robin saved me in a lot of ways.” “…I got to walk the red carpet at the Oscars when I was the star of Live with Kelly. I walked the red carpet at the Academy Awards for the first time. I wondered if I was crazy and asked myself, “Why am I interviewing people on the red carpet?”

Even though he was “so nervous,” he was able to see Roberts as she got ready to go “on the red carpet for ABC’s Oscars show.
He went up to her to tell her how he felt about her.

I” go over to hug her as soon as I see her. “I tell her, “I’m afraid.” I don’t” like it because it’s scary. When she said, “You’ll be fine,” to reassure me, “I said, “I really don’t” know.” “Trust me,” she told me” to feel better. “It’ll be all right.” I started out in sports, just like you. Hearing “I come from sports, too” made me remember something I had totally forgotten.

Roberts was a famous sports commentator and college basketball star before he became a regular on daytime TV.

Strahan said that what Roberts did was “one heck of a change.”
Who among the players of today knows who Robin Roberts is? Strahan refuted this claim, saying, “She put me at ease long before I started working at GMA. Before they even thought about letting me join, there was a long wait (years). After I talked to her, I felt better. When I sit down next to her in the morning, it’s because she makes me feel better about the job at hand. I think it’s great that I get to sit next to her every morning.

Strahan and Roberts have both made TV shows in addition to heading GMA. Strahan is working on a project for ABC for 2018, and Roberts is making films for Lifetime as part of her ‘Robin Roberts Presents’ series. The project was called a “cross between This Is Us and Westworld,” which means that it is a mix of science fiction and family drama.

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