The Grammy winner’s loved one, who died just six years after her brother Tavon was killed by a gunshot, was put to rest in Barbados on Monday.

The powerful ballad “Lift Me Up” by Rihanna was played at the service as Alleyne’s family and friends met to honour her, the outlet said.

No one knows if the singer was there or not.

During the eulogy, Alleyne’s foster mother, Julie-Ann Bryan, talked about how she “lived a life of gratitude with an outrageous amount of attitude, sprinkled heavily with confidence.”

“There was something special about Nella,” she told the source. “She was brave and strong. Our love for each other was ignited.”

No one knows what caused the death.

Alleyne had more than 55,000 fans on Instagram at the time of her death. She also lost her twin sister Taneisha when they were only 14 years old.

At the funeral, her foster mother thanked God for giving her time to love “Taneisha for 14 years and Tanella for 28 years, till He called them home.”

Tavon, the brother of the self-proclaimed fashion lover, was shot and killed on Christmas Day in 2017. He turned 21.

He was killed the day after spending Christmas Day with the “Love On The Brain” singer, who went to his funeral.

At the funeral, people saw Rihanna crying as her cousin was laid to rest.

She later paid tribute on social media by saying, “Sleep well, buddy…We are happy knowing that you are better off than we are.”


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In 2021, the singer posted a bunch of pictures of them together on Instagram to mark the fact that it had been four years since his death.

“Miss you and dat smile, cuz. #Tavon,” she wrote back then.

Tanella died just a few weeks after Rihanna and her boyfriend A$AP Rocky had their second child.

Rihanna, whose real name is Robyn Fenty, gave birth to a boy on August 3 in Los Angeles, according to reports.

The baby’s name hasn’t been made public yet, but it’s said to start with a “R,” just like his big brother’s name, RZA.

Rihanna didn’t tell anyone she was pregnant until February 2023, when she performed at the Super Bowl halftime show.

We are sorry for Tanella’s death and wish her family and friends well.

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