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Scalp and hair loss

Dandruff and hair loss are signs of a lack of vitamins and minerals. Most people don’t get enough zinc, iron, B2, B3, B6, or B7.
Hands with lines

Wrinkles from getting older are common. Hands and fingers that get wrinkles and become less flexible could be a sign of dehydration, thyroid problems, or poor blood flow.

White spots on the tongue
Poor oral hygiene could cause white spots on the tongue. But they could be a sign of mouth thrush, which is common in people with diabetes.

Getting a rash
Rashes can be caused by many different things. People can get sick or come in touch with plants. If they got sick, they might be dangerous.

Ankles that hurt
When your legs are salty, it means you eat a lot of salt. They could also be a sign of a weak thyroid or bad blood flow.

Wet eyes
If your eyes sting or hurt, it means they are dry. It could be a sign of Sjogren’s syndrome, a problem with the immune system that makes the mouth dry.

Having gas
Bloating could be a sign of food allergies. Some foods give you gas because you are allergic to them or can’t digest them.

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