RadarOnline.com has learned that Berry is protecting her assets in case she decides to get married for the fourth time. This was said by people close to the A-lister after she finalised her divorce from Olivier Martinez and agreed to pay $8,000 a month in child support.

People in the know say that the Monster’s Ball star feels burned by her expensive seven-year legal fight with the French actor. They say she wants to be more careful if she and Hunt decide to get married to protect her $90 million fortune.

RadarOnline.com said before that, even though she has shared custody of their son Maceo, she must pay Martinez 4.3 percent of any income she makes over $2 million every year in addition to the child support she pays him every month.

As part of their deal, they agreed to never “speak in a negative, disrespectful, disparaging, or derogatory way to, or about, the other Party or her/his family and/or significant other, or allow third parties to do the same to Maceo.”

Berry has two kids. She also has a daughter with her ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry, whose name is Nahla.

In the future, the box office queen will pay for her son’s medical and dental insurance. She has already paid for most of her ex-lover’s legal bills.

“Halle finally gave in to his money demands because she wants to move on with her life and get married again,” a source said. They had an understanding before they got married, but she and Martinez have been fighting since they broke up in 2015.

Before she got married to Martinez, she had already been married twice. From 1993 to 1997, she “was married to David Justice. From 2001 to 2005, she was married to Eric BenĂ©t”.

The source said that Hunt, who she has called the “love of her life” since they made it official on Instagram in September 2020, has always been there for her and has been “super understanding” as her court battle with Martinez has gone on.

It was said that the whole thing did become a “sore point” because Hunt had asked for her hand in marriage so long ago. “She said yes, but she couldn’t do anything because her divorce wasn’t final yet. “It’s a big relief that it’s over,” said the person.

Word on the street is that Berry won’t marry her boyfriend of three years without a solid prenup and paperwork in place.

RadarOnline.com has asked Berry’s reps for their thoughts.

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