Chrisean Rock and Blueface argued on Twitter about everything from parenting to whether or not Rock smoked while his wife was pregnant.

Earlier in the week, Blueface threatened to take his baby son from Rock, which started the fight. He also asked why she went to the gym and let people hold their baby boy so soon after he was born. Chrisean said in a teary IG Live that no one would take the baby away from her care. This seemed to make Bleface even more mad at Rock, who accused her of using the baby to get power.

Rock fired back at her ex in a few responses that have since been deleted. She said that he didn’t reply to her even when she told him she was going into labour. The Zeus reality star also shared a few links that showed how Blueface treated his older son with Jaidyn Alexis, who was his first baby mama. In one video that Rock posted, the “Thotiana” singer questioned the sexuality of the six-year-old. In her rant, Rock said that she was sure Blueface would lose the custody fight without much trouble.

“What lawyer will take your case if he or she knows you will lose? You can’t take my baby, you scumbag. You never even wanted it to be your son,” the 23-year-old wrote.

Even though it’s sad, this war of words is nothing new for the two people who used to be together. During Rock’s pregnancy, she and her ex-boyfriend have argued about everything from who the father is to how the relationship ended. While Rock’s baby was still in her womb, she broke up with him, and Blueface got back together with Alexis. During his shocking Twitter demands, Blueface gave Rock a very clear warning: “Take good care of our son or Jaidyn will, it’s that simple.”


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