Flavour Flav, a founding member of Public Enemy, shouts out Eminem from his restaurant. Flavour Flav has been nominated for six Grammy Awards and is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

He put a film on Instagram with the words:

But in the video, he doesn’t just talk about food; he also talks about Eminem:

How are you, Eminem? Flavour Flav is right there in your spot, eating some of Mom’s spaghetti while it’s still hot. I’ll tell you something, Eminem: that spaghetti is really good. I won’t lie to you, OG. I’m here to back you up, man, what’s up? I appreciate you putting me on your records. On your records, you’ve been screaming “Flavour Flav!” I like you. Bro, you are the best rapper in the world. You must understand that.

Flavour Flave was one of the first hip-hop artists, and he always comes up with good words for Em. His respect for Marshall’s skills and ability comes from the trust and respect that real artists have for each other.

Check out the video:


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