Chrisean Rock just had her first child with rapper Blueface, a baby boy. The 23-year-old woman told The Shade Room in January that she was expecting.

The rapper went on Instagram over the weekend to video for her fans. People were surprised to see a film of the 23-year-old woman in the delivery room about to give birth. The rapper Blueface, who is the father of the child, was noticeably not there.


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As the rapper’s nurses, doctors, family, and friends encouraged her to “push,” the crowd cheered when the group announced that the baby boy had come.

Later, Chrisean Rock went on X to talk more about the name of her son. Also, the 23-year-old explained why she didn’t “invite” Blueface to the delivery room.

Rock said that she “simply didn’t invite” Blueface and went to her “city,” referring to Baltimore, Maryland, where she grew up, to have her child. She then said that “none of you weird a** people” would be around the child and that she was all he had.

The 23-year-old ended her speech by saying that she will do “everything” to “protect him from hate and jealousy or anything.” Then she said, “His name is Christian, and people will love and respect him.”

Chrisean Rock Shows a Picture of Her Son

The 23-year-old went back to Instagram on Tuesday night to post a picture of her baby boy. She also said a few things about how he was “heavensent.”

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