Chrisean Rock gave her new son a middle name that has to do with the Holy Spirit.

On Sunday, the “Vibe” singer and her family were seen at the Spirit of Faith Christian Center for the Dedication to Christ Ceremony. A child makes a promise to God and is welcomed into the church at this service. During the ritual, the parents also promise that they will bring up their child according to the Bible.

Rock went live during the service, just like she did when her daughter was born. She was overheard saying her son’s given name, “Jesus.” Blueface has said a lot about how he feels about Rock and how he was left out of the birth of their son. He also said that Rock was wrong to name their son after her, so it’s only a matter of time before he talks about the middle name. Pastor Freeman, who was in charge of the service, made sure that a prayer for Rock and Blueface was passed on.

When pictures from the Dedication to Christ Ceremony went popular, Blueface took to Twitter to praise Rock for a change.

“Chrisean is the only person I trust with my son. She’s actually very nurturing and caring, and she’s good with kids. She’s probably just a little impatient, though, and a baby needs patience, he wrote.

Rock went online to say a few words of her own. She told fans that she would never put her child in danger.

“Love, respect, and direction are the only things my child deserves. His mom will never treat him badly or ignore him. “I remember what it was like to not see my dad or mom,” she wrote.

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