For years, stories have been going around about what Dwight Howard likes. A guy recently said that Howard forced him to have a threesome with a third man dressed as a woman. This made Howard’s private life public. The crazy story is going around today because the man has sued Dwight.

Back in 2019, Dwight Howard talked about reports that he was gay and explained how they had made him feel. Dwight said, “I’m not gay,” but added that the stories showed him what it might be like for queer or questioning people.

“There are a lot of people who are and have to hide, and there are also people with mental problems who have to hide. Some people have to hide because they are going through hard times. They have to wear the mask every day, and he said at the time, “I don’t want to wear a mask. I just want to be.”

Howard can’t just “be,” though, because he is now accused of using his fan and his height to force another guy into bed. Stephen Harper says that he met Dwight through social media in the year 2021. Before they agreed to meet up, they started sending each other sexy texts.

Harper says that Howard asked him to be in a trio after asking him over for dinner one night, but he said no. Harper says that even so, a man with a wig showed up that night.

The third guy, who went by the name Kitty, was forced by Howard to have oral sex with Harper, who said he was afraid for his life and agreed. Harper said that Howard held him down while Kitty did the act and then made Harper do oral sex on Howard later that night. Harper is suing for assault, battery, causing mental distress on purpose, and putting her in jail against her will.

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