As summer and its hot weather continue, Halle Berry is letting her hair down and going for a natural look.

The actor who plays Catwoman has had many different hairstyles in the past, from long and wavy to short and platinum blonde to naturally curly. However, her most recent style seems to be what her fans and boyfriend Van Hunt love the most.

Even though she hinted that her fans might not like the look, they told her she can’t do anything wrong.

Halle shared a picture with her natural hair styled into a big Afro on Instagram over the weekend to show off her latest hair change.

“On Sunday, we… “This is something my man really likes,” she wrote in the caption, adding, “Please send all complaints to him at @vanhunt.”

Fans had nothing bad to say about her look, and they wrote in the comments part of the post, “You could be bald and you would still look amazing, kudos to your man for this look, you wear it well!” “No complaints, you can wear a trash bag and still look fire,” and “Simply beautiful… inside and out!!!” Plus, another fan said, “You are truly one of the most beautiful and amazing women on earth.”

Halle’s 57th birthday is next Monday, August 14. Shortly after posting the well-received picture, she also posted a clip from an interview with Women’s Health in which she talked about how her feelings about getting older, her looks, and menopause have changed.

She told the source, “Accepting and embracing where you are in your sexuality as a woman is the most important part of owning your sexuality.”

The Oscar winner explained: “I say that because I’m on the path of life, and I’m right in the middle of menopause. I’m questioning everything I thought I knew about menopause, like, “Your life is over. You don’t matter. You are no longer needed in society. You should give up work. You should put it all away.'”

She went on: “I’m going against all those ideas. “You look like this. You have to feel a certain way.’ No, that’s not right.”

Halle said, “Now that I’m 56 years old, I’m my best self. I can give you the most. I don’t have any more “blanks” to give, right? I am definitely a woman. I have a strong sense of who I am and what I can offer. I finally understand that what I have to say is important, even if no one else agrees. It’s my opinion, and I’m allowed to have it.”

She said, “Well, that’s the end of it. Have it where you are. I’m right there. Own the fact that you’re in your 20s. Be a part of the age of discovery. Earn the time of genuine interest. Earn the time of figuring out who you are. Take your time and think about who you are.

“You don’t have to be hurried or pushed to do anything. There is no winner. If you’re in your 30s, don’t let the idea that you have to have kids by a certain age hold you back. You pick when and if you want to have children.

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