Her mother was black and Afro-Bahamian, and her father was white and English and Irish.

In the most recent episode of The Cool Mom Code Podcast with Lizzy Mathis, Tia talked about her strong ties to Black culture. People have talked about mixed race and how they see themselves for thousands of years.

It was talked about how she went from beauty pageants to Hollywood to starting her own business. During that talk, Tia said she knew it was her job as an adult actor to fight for fair treatment in everything she did.

Tia has always made it a point to include everyone, whether it’s in her movies (Family Reunion, Instant Mom) or in her businesses, which include a health multivitamin company and recipes.

Tia told podcaster Lizzy Mathis, “I see myself as a Black woman.” “My mom is black, do you get it? My mom is strong.”

“My mother has dark skin. I’ve seen and felt how hard it is for her as a Black woman. “Yes, my father is white, but I’m more like my mother than him.”

Tia said she has always been okay with being of mixed heritage, so calling herself Black is just how she chooses to see herself.

She said that people get “stuck” on the fact that she calls herself Black instead of biracial.

I’m a Black lady. That’s who I am. People see me that way. This is how people see me. At school, I learned that a single drop of black blood makes you black.



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