Hardball wouldn’t be anything without “G-Baby,” the helper who is too young to play but learns the game quickly, wins the smallest jersey, and leads the Kekambas to victory. Fans cried over the death of G-baby, which was also very sad.

What’s up with DeWayne Warren?

DeWayne Warren has been in La Femme Vampir and La Femme Vampir 2 since Hardball came out. Even though the movies aren’t very famous, a press release from 2009 says that the horror movie with Veronica Grey and Joe Estevez is about how “Chinese diva China is the leader of supernatural female creatures that control the nightlife and underworld in Chicago.” He has also been in Gary’s Playhouse and the Circle of Threes as a performer. DeWayne stays out of the way and is the father of two.


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