Dale Schroeder, a poor Iowa carpenter, sent 33 individuals to college with $3 million in savings. All scholarships. A buddy said Schroeder was a poor carpenter who worked at the same company for 67 years. Dale had two jeans. Church and work used different pairs. He drove a decrepit Chevrolet pickup, showing his simplicity. Dale miraculously saved all that money to send 33 students to college. Schroeder died 2005. Dale, an unassuming carpenter, had $3 million in savings. He saved money to help others.

of poverty, Dale never went to college. He’s single and childless. Just before his death in 2005, Dale approached his friend and lawyer, Steve Nielsen, to discuss his life savings and its future. β€œHe wanted to help youngsters like him that probably wouldn’t have an opportunity to go to college but for his gift,” Steve added. “How much are we talking about, Dale?” He replied, “Little shy of $3 million.” I almost fainted.”

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He established scholarships that let future teachers, doctors, and therapists realise their ambitions were possible via college. The fund lasted 14 years. Dale’s Kids, the 33 recipients, want to pay it forward. David wanted it. Scholarship recipients recently gathered around Dale’s old lunchbox to discuss how his support altered their lives. They never met him. I had three older sisters and a single mother, so paying for all four of us was impossible. It almost made me feel powerless, like, β€˜I want to achieve this, I have this goal but I can’t get there only because of the financial part.’ Kira Conrad. She wanted to be a therapist, but her finances made it difficult. She planned to tell her friends and family at her high school graduation party that she couldn’t afford college due to her circumstances. A call changed Kira’s life. Steve called to say Dale’s scholarship fund will cover $80,000 of her tuition. Kira cried. A stranger sending someone to college to realise their ambitions didn’t register. It did.

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