Even in public, it’s not unusual for a pair to have a fight or a tense moment. Jen and Ben are no different, and a camera caught their latest heated argument on the red carpet. They show that they are people and have feelings like everyone else, just like any other couple. “It’s important to keep in mind that no relationship is perfect, and that” settling disagreements is a normal part of any partnership.

In the end, love won.

The couple, who got back together two years ago, looked very serious on the red carpet at the opening of J. Lo’s new movie The Mother. Even though their conversation was tense, it’s important to remember that every relationship has ups and downs.

During the event, Lopez, who was 53 at the time, was seen frowning and making hand signals at her husband, who was 50 at the time and looked angry. On the red carpet, the public saw the pair having a tense moment.

Jen and Ben quickly went back to being in love with each other after their tense talk on the red carpet. They were seen giving each other big smiles and loving kisses, which shows that they can work through their differences and still love each other.

The red carpet belongs to J. Lo.

Their appearance on Wednesday came after a well-known incident at the Grammys in February, when Jennifer was caught on camera telling Ben to act like he was having fun during an awkward moment. Fans and the media both talked about and looked into this situation, but it looks like the couple is getting through it and still finding ways to show their love and support for each other.

A person who could read lips said that Jennifer said, “Look friendlier.” Look like you care.” Ben answered, “I might.”

Later, when asked about that much-talked-about night, Affleck said, “I had a good time at the Grammys.”

Having said that, the star admitted that his wife is better at dealing with public events than he is. ”I don’t keep up,” he said. Of course, my wife does.”

Even though Jen and Ben have had a few small fights, it’s clear from the way they look into each other’s eyes that they still love each other very much.

And just recently, Jennifer talked about how much she loves and cares for her husband, and she also explained why she officially took his last name.

After so many years, it’s great to see that the lovers are back together. And this piece talks about a few more couples who got back together after being apart for a long time.

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