Hemsworth faced his own death while making the documentary series Limitless. He did this by getting a lot of genetic tests. One of the tests showed that the actor who plays Thor is 8–10 times more likely to get Alzheimer’s disease than the average person. This is because he has a genetic weakness that makes him more likely to get the disease.

After the news came out, Hemsworth said he was going to spend some time with his family. Even though he knows that this time will pass, he insists that the memories he makes with his loved ones are what will mean most in the end. When asked about his biggest fear, he said, “I think my biggest fear is that I won’t be able to remember what I’ve done in life or who my wife and children are.”

Hemsworth’s wife taught him that when people work together, they are stronger.

Elsa Pataky, who has been married to Hemsworth for almost 13 years and is the mother of his three children, was on a special episode of Limitless and made everyone cry. The stars came up with a plan after Hemsworth said he is afraid of getting older, which was made worse by the news he got about his health. Using modern special effects, Pataky was made to look like she was 50 years old. She did this on purpose to see how her husband would really react. She acted like she was very weak, even though she didn’t want Hemsworth to see her that way.

Hemsworth went to a senior dance hoping to meet an older fan, but he ended up going on a date with his wife of 87 years instead. The popular person knew Pataky right away and got emotional when they saw her. The couple agreed that it would be hard to see such a big change without planning for it for years. Pataky told her husband, “I want those years to be shared with you.” We need to keep that in mind.

The therapy helped the famous actor understand that he is not the only one getting older and that he will be fine as long as he has his life partner. Hemsworth said that the thing that scared him the most was that he was getting close to that age on his own. Having people you care about close by or someone to talk to makes scary things less scary. Because of this, I’m becoming much less closed-minded.

Pataky is sure that her husband won’t forget this time, even if he has Alzheimer’s. Even if he can’t remember her face in the future, he might still be able to remember her from when she was younger. “I think this is a moment that we’ll always remember,” Pataky said. I didn’t think it would mean so much to me. It was lovely, and I felt very safe there.

Do you have any first-hand knowledge of Alzheimer’s? Would you be willing to take the same test to see if you meet the requirements?



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